Valleys - July 2013

Valleys Session
Violitionist Sessions

Session Date: March 9, 2013
Posting Date: July 15, 2013
Artist Hometown: Montréal, Canada
Recorded by: Michael Briggs @ Civil

See The Moon
Undream A Year
ONE: How did you like playing the 35 Denton festival? What are your impressions of Denton?
We had an amazing time at 35 Denton. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the audience was so generous and the sound man was incredible. Denton seems like a cool town.
TWO: What’s next for Valleys as a band? Where do you see yourselves 2 years from now?
We just got off a four month on-again-off-again tour schedule and now we have some time off until probably playing more shows in the fall.
2 years from now: your guess is as good as mine.
THREE: What made you decide to have a minimal gear setup that is easily transportable and has that been a big help with touring?
Getting pick-pocketed on the Paris subway at 7am after taking an overnight bus from Cologne while carrying, amongst other things, a giant flight case for a synthesizer. I got the wallet back and made a decision: no more big things.
– Interview by Michael Briggs.