Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band

Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band - January 2013

Black Magic Family Band Session
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Session Date: March 27, 2012
Posting Date: January 28, 2013
Artist Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ
Links: Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud,
Recorded by: Michael Briggs

In The Shade
Fallen Kings
ONE: How did you get started?
Mike Bruno: What happened was, I recorded a solo album with Paul [Christian]. He recorded it, and then we decided to move to Philly together and started playing shows, and then, just pretty much all of our best friends, and that’s pretty much housemates, we would just play together. So, it just turned into sort of a ‘family band,’ and from there it became less of a songwriting project and more just like an exploration, sonically. Just having the basic framework of a song and then pulling it together between us all, basically.
DJ: What attracted you to Philadelphia?
Mike: For me personally, I moved there because it’s cheap. But, also, Philly’s got kind of a gloomy thing going on, which is attractive to me. Sort of like Providence, RI has going on, too. That’s also attractive. But, yeah, I like a lot of things coming out of there, in general. It’s a darker scene sometimes, and that’s good. What about you guys?
Paul Christian: It’s cheap. At least it’s not New Jersey.
TWO: What inspires your sound?
Mike: Mostly fairy tales and folk tales. I like how dark they can be, while also like, appearing in a storytelling to children nature…it’s sort of what drives me to create what I do. Musically, probably somewhere between Black Sabbath and the Incredible String Band or Donovan.
Paul: I started playing guitar because I was into metal…or getting into metal because I was into guitar, but I’m really attracted to more visual music lately, and stuff that doesn’t…fit, you know, into a grid.
Mike: Yeah, on that note, things that don’t fit coming together to fit tends to like, twist the nob in all the right ways.
THREE: What are you planning to work on next?
Mike: I want to make an album that is…each song is like a chapter in a collection of folk tales, and it’s going to be less singing, more spoken word. If we do it, that’s what I want to do next. Also, maybe attach illustrations, make it a really visual, storytelling experience, but with music.
– Interview and transcription by Dale Jones.