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David Liebe Hart Band (from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job - April 2012

David Liebe Hart Session
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Session Date: March 18, 2012
Posting Date: April 9, 2012
Artist Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
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Recorded by: Michael Briggs

La Rent Doesn’t Want Me To Look At Porn
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ONE: How has your tour been going? How was your experience at SXSW?
David Liebe Hart: Well, I was happy to perform at SXSW, but I felt that with my name I should have been in bigger venues. But, I am grateful to be humbled and play in the small ones. I felt that it would have been a more rewarding experience since, when last I performed at Southwest in the past for five years with Tim and Eric, when I travelled with them we went through there and toured all over the United States. And then, I’m humbling myself because I’m staying at different people’s homes, which I feel…I’m the only one in the band that doesn’t get high or smoke weed since I’m a Christian Scientist, but I’m trying to set a good example for my other band members, because they’re all young and they’re learning. The only part I didn’t like about Southwest is the women were stuck up. You said “Hello” and they played like you were the wall, and I know I have to…Someday, I hope I meet the right woman that’s more receptive and kind. Other than that, I wish I could have played at bigger venues, but I was grateful that I could play at the places that were already set up. It was a lot of fun. I got to see other bands play. Adam Papagan is a very talented musician and a talented host; he does The Del Talk Show. I had my own public access show called the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show that I did to teach kids Bible stories and to say no to drugs with Christian music put to rock n’ roll melodies, and gospel melodies and rap melodies, and that used to be all over the United States. It went from 1988 to 2008, but the City of Los Angeles decided they didn’t want public access anymore. Tim and Eric saw my public access show. They saw me as a street musician and saw me when I did work at different clubs, and I mailed them a picture and resume and they cast me into the show. I did other television shows for Good Times and Commack Productions, but I never made it big until I did Abso Lutely Productions, which is the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! That really made me famous.
DJ: How did your current tour come together?
DLH: Well, Adam and I were close friends. Adam used to host my Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show. He’s a very talented, brilliant guy. I always had wonderful Italian Sunday School teachers like Elle Conicelli, Helen Donna Feriel, and Mr. Rosati, and even though they were Italian, they were in the Christian Science circle— and Shirley Bumba. They were wonderful Sunday School teachers, and I noticed that the Italian people have had to face a lot of racism like black people and Irish people. I’m part Irish and German, and so there was a good chemistry and we did music together. I’ve…Two past musicians who don’t speak to me anymore and contact me anymore that we had a good chemistry together was George Kerr, who is a very talented violinist and musician. We used to do music together, but he got influenced by his family and his…sister not to hang around black people, and he didn’t want to be a law unto himself, and that was the end of it. The same thing happened with Sonia Ruud. She got influenced by Mark Rosboch not to hang around me or be with someone that was of color….I lost two very talented musicians who worked with me that I thought the world of. But, you know, you have to let people have their space, like, I want my sisters to come and support me, and I know my mother and dad would be ashamed of them. They never come to support my concerts, which really hurts me. My own sisters! And I’ve helped them out with money and stuff…I have a lot of forgiving to do, and rising…rise my vibrations much higher.
DJ: If you could meet with the leaders of the world today—
DLH: I’d like to meet with Obama, because Obama and I have a lot in common. Obama and I have a big leadership quality. I have a big leadership following among teenagers your age and younger that all love me, and we’re both part Irish and part African American and German, and we both have…I want to set a good example for people that are younger than I am, and, being an entertainer, I have to put a lot…I have to be unselfish and be humble. Sometimes, people call me that are sincere about me as a fan, but there are some people that are flakes and just play games and call me all through the night, and they’re kind of annoying. But, I do have to appreciate the kind fans who are in my corner. Many fans when I’m on tour let me stay with them free, like my cousin Phyllis McKinnon did for 15 years. Many of the fans are more genuine and caring toward me than my own fellow church members at the Christian Science Church. I mean, I love the genuine love and care that I get from my fans. They’ve let me stay with them. It’s like Jesus says: “I was a stranger, and you took me in. I was naked and you clothed me.” I love organized religion, but I don’t like it the way churches have made a business out of it by collecting money instead of helping the poor and needy, and they’re not humble and accepting people that are different than they are, and I feel that organized religion, when it can get over that bump of racism and intolerance, then they’re going to see their churches grow.
DJ: What would you tell Obama, if you could talk to him?
DLH: I would tell Obama I appreciate your leadership, and your caring for the public. If it wasn’t for Obama, I wouldn’t have an extension on my unemployment, and many times I came short on my rent, and my rent went up real high now, and there was a fire in my apartment because I asked the landlady…literally, the landlady these things right away. I kept on telling her that there was gas leaking in my apartment from my stove. This apartment was a 1922 apartment, the Dicksboro Apartments, and lo and behold, I was in my first fire. I came from working at the Music Center at night as a street musician. When I am put in the corner, I am humble. I’ll either work at Kelly Services, Manpower, or Ready Labor for day labor jobs, and when I don’t get that, then I have to be a street musician and sell my portraits on the…on the street, and be a street musician. I have a business permit for the Southern California Santa Monica Pier for that, but it has its ups and downs, but I’m luckily…these tours help me to get caught up on my bills. I take my…I don’t do Bill Pay anymore, because I did Bill Pay last year from my bank, and they took up two payments instead of one! So, it made me short on my rent last month, so I now mail them the money the old fashioned way, directly. In fact, as I make money through the merch sale, I mail out my bills. If I make money, I put it in the bank. The weird situation is…it’s like with AT&T. I mailed the money, in the bank. Two days later, the money was taken out that fast. Same thing with the water and power bill. I don’t know how it got to them so fast.
DJ: It gets there fast enough when they’re the ones getting the money…
DLH: Yeah. But the thing I don’t like is that I was given bad credit. I had to drop Capital One as a credit card because they would call me and…they’re only supposed to give you delinquent on your credit score if you’re a month late! But they wait and do it to you for two weeks! And then AT&T, if they don’t get their money, they put a late fee on it, which is very unfair, so…I wrote a song about AT&T and my challenges with them. I was inspired to be a songwriter and a singer by the music of the 1970’s. The Eagles, who come from this area, I love their music. I covered their songs when I played with Eric Segall in different nightclubs, and…Sonia Ruud only wanted me to do religious music with her, but when I worked with Eric Segall we used a lot of the Eagles stuff, and the Beatles, 5th Dimension, the Spinners…I like that age, in the 70’s. I also grew up in the 1950’s. I got to see a lot of…My dad was a civil rights leader with Dr. Martin Luther King, and so was Linda McKinnon, who was the distant cousin of mine that died, and…I was so sorry to hear that Whitney Houston died. She was a super talented entertainer. The thing I can’t understand is why entertainers get messed up on drugs. They don’t know…they look at me and say, “Oh, you were born in ’55? You look so young!” I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and drink, I don’t take drugs, and I’m not trying to say this to be arrogant, but those family values that I learned in Christian Science help spiritualize my thought and help me…preserve me, like preservatives are put in foods.
TWO: Can you tell us about the Korendians?
DLH: I’ll tell you how it happened. This is deep. On my Caucasian side I’m related to Orville and Wilbur Wright. They were Presbyterian ministers on my Scotch-Irish and German side, and my French and English side, and I’m also part American Indian, Apache Blackfoot Sumac Indian, and Cherokee Indian, and they got their back-engineering by working with a race called the Korendians, and my grandmother Louise Schroder Wright told me on her deathbed this. Anybody with a high clearance in the military or person that has gotten back-engineering, they’ll wait until they’re dying to tell a person. And so she told me that, and she told me that I would have visitations from the Korendian people. After she passed, the first extraterrestrial I met was a woman clothed…She looked like a regular Caucasian woman, really pale white skin, and her name was Jessedle Oridis. She looked like a pin-up model. She was extremely beautiful, and she told me that she came from Star Korendor, which is 411 light years away from Earth. She told me she was an Elder Master. She couldn’t get married, just like a Catholic priest can’t get married, and she was a very spiritually-minded person. I could see the chemistry that we— she had a crush on me. And then she explained— er, the other Elder Master sent me a letter. They’ve been working a lot with Bob Renaud, the only human who lives in Massachusetts, for a long time. So, Bob Renaud sent me a letter after I had a visitation from Jessedle Oridis, and she told me that there was going to be a black president that was going to be very advanced and was going to try to help run and save the nation from crumbling out of a crisis and that he would be African American, and that there would be a lot of dissension toward it because there’s still a lot of…conservative Republicans still have a lot of racism toward people who are different than they are or have different beliefs. And, lo and behold, what Jessedle Oridis came true. There was a black president named Obama. Also, the only thing…I love the Korendians. They are very talented, brilliant people, but they told me, revealed to me that they were at war with a race called the Omegans that the Irish come from, and they come from Star Caladan, which is 800 light years away from Earth. So, I met some Omegans, too, and the Omegans didn’t like it that I was friends with the Korendians. I felt that both races were extremely talented, and both gave us a lot of back-engineering technology, but the childish thing that they both haven’t been able to overcome is war, and I’m hoping and praying that they’ll make peace with one another and overcome their differences.
DJ: Are the Greys—
DLH: The Omegans taught the Mayas. They built the stone heads on Easter Island. They brought cows and meat and beer, which is made out of barley wheat, to Planet Earth. They built the Stonehenge on Easter Island so the antigravity can come into our atmosphere so their ships can come in easy, and the Korendians worked a lot with the Egyptians.
DJ: Do you ever get into trouble for talking about this?
DLH: No, I don’t, but I did get some threatening phone calls, and I have to mellow out what I say. I am a member of MUFON, the UFO thing, and they do protect us because we’re supposed to have freedom of speech in America. I’ve had a lot of high-up people in the military who have shared this same stuff with me. I asked some people who were high up in Christian Science, and I’m not going to give their names for their own protection, but one person who used to work in the Pentagon and one who works at NASA told me when I had these experiences, they said, “Yes, the Korendians are real. Yes, the Omegans are real. Yes, the Palladians are real. They’re not fiction, they’re not military…they’re not fairy tales, they are real.” They are the reason that our planet is advancing with all this new technology, the computers, the cell phones, and the GPS and everything else. In fact, Jessedle Oridis told me that the Korendians use the GPS to travel in the dark in outer space to find where the planets are. And the beautiful thing is, the Korendians told me that a planet is like a fish tank. You’ve got to keep it pure. You can’t pollute it with junk. And he says, “You people on Planet Earth are using fossil fuel, and fossil fuel is very dangerous, and it’s destroying the ozone layer.” He said, “That’s why your people are getting cancer.” And then Quetzalqoi, who is Jessedle’s protector, told me that all of the bombs we drop are knocking our planet out of the balance going around the sun. Because so many people wanted to learn about the Korendians and the Omegans, the people I was in contact with, they dispersed and cut off contact with me. It’s been a year and a half. Their email doesn’t work anymore, their phone number doesn’t work anymore, and they want their privacy, so…I miss them. Then when I got busy touring, the Omegans were going to take me to Star Caladan, and I was so excited to go there and learn about their culture, and then Jessedle and Quetzalqoi promised to take me to the Five-Moon Festival, but it never happened! They took me up…one of them took me up in a ship to look down from Earth, and the Earth looked like a small marble, looking down on it. All people from Earth are descended from extraterrestrials and don’t even know it. The Bible talks about how the angels intermarried with and intermingled with the people on Earth. The Bible calls them angels— spiritual, angelical beings, and they intermarried with us way in the Bible times. All races talk about the extraterrestrials.
DJ: What about other races of extraterrestrials, like the Greys or Reptilians?
DLH: Well, David Icke speaks of the Reptilians. A lot of English people who have the royal blood have a bloodline that comes from the Reptilians, and they’ve interbred with us and they’ve cloned themselves to look like humans and they’ve interbred. That’s the English blood. They’ve interbreeded with us, and the royal blood does come from the Reptilians that shape-shift and everything.
DJ: Are they—
DLH: They are living among us and they’re our high-up aristocracy.
DJ: But do they have any relation to the Korendians?
DLH: No. The Korendians— the Romanians, the Germans, and the East Indians are the descendants of the Korendian race, whereas the Scotch and the Irish are descended from the Omegans that come from Star Caladan, and they all speak Celtic, and the reason why…Monahan Moldroman told me that the Omegans, they use a lot of Reptilians for protectors…told me that the blood of the Irish was originally green. It was a dark green, and when they interbreded with humans, it became brown and then red, and as the Irish intermarried more and more with the human species, their blood became pure red, like everybody else’s. But their blood was originally green.
DJ: Do the Korendians and other extraterrestrials make music?
DLH: Oh, big time. In fact, Jessedle Oridius, Quetzalqual, La Rent told me that they have a collection of all of the songs we’ve written. They are living among us. They’re working among us, and we don’t even know it. They have a collection of all our music, not only our music, they have the history of our development. Jessedle Oridius told me that and so did the Omegans, that they have a history of our maturity from when we were cavemen all the way up until we were humans until they interbreeded with us to become a higher bred of beings. They’ve been studying us, and they have had…they gave us the TV and the cameras and all of this, and they have the history of our planet even before it was created. In fact, Planet Earth used to be like the Moon.
DJ: What are they going to do with all of that information?
DLH: Well, they are teaching us to advance us. They’re like our little sisters and brothers looking over us. They’re looking over us and they don’t want us to destroy and blow up our planet.
DJ: Like the fish bowl.
DLH: Yeah! I wish I could have more visitations from the Omegans and the Korendians, and I even had visitations from the Palladians. The Palladians have a big underground base in northern California near Mt. Helen and near Mt. Revere, and a lot of these extraterrestrials also have underground bases. They have underground bases under our ocean. Their space ships become submarines when they go under water. It’s phenomenal.
DJ: Bases like at Area 51…?
DLH: Well, no, that’s American. Area 51 and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base— In fact, I was told by some high-up military people that they moved mostly Area 51 to Arizona. They moved it from Nevada to Arizona, and they moved a lot of it to Australia.
THREE: Where would you like to take your music career in the future?
DLH: I would like to become a big famous musician like The Doors, which I found out that Jim Morrison’s mother was a songwriter and wrote a lot of the hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal. Her name was Margaret Morrison. I want to become a famous musician, but I want to be a good example for our youth. I want to be an example that I made it without being a drug addict like Whitney Houston and like Jim Morrison of The Doors. I love them, they are very talented people, but I wish they would be with us today if they had the discipline to say no to drugs. I’m just trying to set an example. I mean, when people see people mistreat me in the church…I also left Christian Science for a while and I was a Born Again Christian for a while, but when I found out how phony and plastic they were, and they didn’t…and many of their leaders belonged to hate and white supremacist groups, and the main people that they hate are their distant relatives. Like, and I’ll tell you something that’s going to shock you, if the Germans knew that they were really a mulatto race from the East Indians, they wouldn’t be prejudiced and be in the neo-Nazi organization. The same thing with the English who belonged to the Klu Klux Klan. There really needs to be a harmony of tolerance and acceptance to all races and all people in our society, and the Republicans, ninety percent of them just care about the rich and the people, you know, they don’t know that they can never segregate people. If it’s meant for people of different races to marry and get together then there’s nothing they can say or do about it. Organized religions, I hate to say it, the Palladians and the Korendians told me something very strict. They said that they had to get rid of organized religion. They had a Bible in their own language, and Jesus says “I have sheep that are not of this fold.” Jesus visited other planets and came in their form to teach them through a book similar to the Bible on Star Korendor and on Star Caladan, and in the Palladian race, but when they found out religion was supposed to help better humanity, to teach humanity the Ten Commandments and how to tell right from wrong, they had the same format on all planets, but the problem is the churches have made a business out of religion instead of an institution to help better humanity, which I feel is wrong, especially the megachurches. I saw what was going on. I was a member of— I left Christian Science for a while, and I was a member of four big megachurches, but when I found out the megachurches were just collecting money, weren’t helping people out. I saw many ex-veterans like me, people who are homeless and jobless that needed help. They were overlooking them, they weren’t helping them, and then when my career went down, I asked them for help and they didn’t help me. I said, “I don’t need this!” I found out they were investing in businesses, and more churches and more, and not helping the poor and needy. I went back to Christian Science and reestablished my membership back at Christian Science, but I was just…So, there’s a lot of things in Christian Science I don’t like. I could help the Christian Science movement a lot, but they have a lot of racism and conservativeness there that needs healing. But, I like the Bible study that the Christian Science church has and I like the family values that it teaches, and that’s why I still study it, and I like the Bible study they have, so I’m back in Christian Science now.
DJ: Do you think you’ll do TV work again?
DLH: I want to do more television work. Being on unemployment, as you know, you have to fill out job resumes for to keep your unemployment. So, every week I have to mail out my job, do a job search, and after I fill out an application or do an application online, I have to get the address and the phone number and I have to write that on my unemployment papers. But if I make over $300 dollars, I don’t get unemployment. Since I’m a member of SAG and AFTRA, and they’re trying to merge both unions…What hurts me is that corporate America doesn’t return the small people’s phone numbers or address, even the big companies you deal with, and I feel that’s really rude and unprofessional. And I see the same thing in even organized religions. I could help the Christian Science movement attract a lot of young people, but the board of directors don’t even have the common courtesy to return my phone call. I wanted to go study in the Christian Science reading room in many places, especially San Antonio. The practitioners in the Christian Science Journal didn’t even have the humility or the respect to return my phone call, which I feel like, if a newcomer wanted to learn about Christian Science, they wouldn’t. And it’s the same thing with the Born Again Christian churches. They talk about, they make people fill out applications to get help, and then they don’t help them out at all. And I don’t like where a church has something they call the Principle Foundation, where they help people out one time if they need help. I feel they got the Smuckers Jelly Company, the Mott’s Apple Sauce, all these churches own so many big corporations. A person needs help more than one time! I feel that, because one thing happens after another, and it’s not the person’s fault. Now, if Welfare and the unemployment office was like the Principle Foundation, only help a person out once, there’d be a lot of starving people.
DJ: That’s a good point.
DLH: That’s with the Christian Science church. Anyway, it’s a challenge being unemployed and being self-employed. I know we’re not going to break in even with this tour because many people that promised to pay us $300 only paid us $100 at different venues. That’s the thing I don’t like.
DJ: Yeah, I know how that feels.
DLH: I’m also a painter and an artist and you can go on liebehart.com, or go to liebehart…liebe, liebe does…artbyliebeharttumblr.com, and you’ll see I did commission paintings, and I used to paint all the big Safeway grocery stores, Ralph’s, Food4Less, the Bank of America, and many of these big corporate companies…the only big group I have left is 7-11. I do Christmas decorations, Christmas scenes on the windows. I did them with Michael Boyd and I did them by myself, then with Michael Boyd, then with George Kerr and now with Adam Papagan. The problem is these companies don’t pay what they should. “The laborer is worthy of his hire,” as the Bible says, and a person should get paid what they’re worth. A lot of the companies are cheap and don’t pay people. So, right now we’re down to…we just paid for gas, a hundred dollars for gas, and the money we make is going to take us to the next city, so I know we’re not going to break in even for the travel. And after we split the money with each other there’s going to be hardly anything left. But, I’m doing it for these younger guys, so they can get the experience and be on the road, and because someday…The only thing I don’t like about traveling with my coworkers is they smoke a lot of weed, and they’re not going to look like me when they become 55 years old if they abuse their body. And I love them all, and they’re very talented and I’m very honored to have them work with me.
DJ: Well, I think that’s a good place to end the interview.
DLH: And I want to thank all the fans for all the support they’ve given me, and watching me on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! And I do need support since my apartment caught on fire. I’m disappointed that United Way and Red Cross turned me down for help after my apartment caught on fire, and they didn’t even return my phone calls or letters, so I’d appreciate the fans that send contributions or help me to recover from the fire that was in my apartment the week before Christmas. In exchange, I will send them CDs or portrait sketches of themselves or their girlfriends, or people that they’re close to.
– Interview and transcription by Dale Jones