Gashcat Session - November 2011

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Session Date: October 26, 2011
Posting Date: November 7, 2011
Artist Hometown: Denton, TX
Links: Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr
Recorded by: Michael Briggs

The Morning Sun
Horseshoe Crab
ONE: What are some of your biggest influences? What inspires you to write music?
Kyle Craft: I would say that Bob Dylan is a big influence. I mean, I feel like that’s sort of a common thing, but he’s like a staple, as far as writing goes, for me. So, Dylan, and the Beatles of course, and there’s a lot of new bands, too. There’s a lot of obvious influences everywhere. As far as writing goes, I don’t read a whole lot, but when I do, it’s usually like Beat stuff, like Ginsburg and Kerouac and stuff like that, and I really draw from that, mainly because we haven’t had a home in like a year and a half. We’ve just been on and off the road and living in different cities for, you know, a month at the most, and just bouncing around, so kind of….the imagery is just there.
TWO: What was it like recording your new album? I heard it was recorded in a houseboat…
Kyle: A boathouse. The opposite.
MB: Oh, a boathouse! Like, a house behind a lake…
Kyle: Right, except that we don’t live live on a lake. It’s kind of weird…my dad is an avid fisherman, so even though he lives right smack in the middle of a typical street, he has a boathouse in the back…
MB: Not on water?
Kyle: Not on water. He likes to dream. It’s kind of funny, but yeah, it’s more like a garage in a way.
MB: Is there a boat?
Kyle: There is a boat. It got in the way a lot, but that’s all right.
MB: Does it work?
Kyle: It does work. It’s a working boat.
MB: Did you record the album yourselves?
Kyle: Yeah, for the most part. It was just us in the garage, and I would lay down a good bit of the guitar and synth and stuff like that. It was mainly me and Rick, and we had a few other people come in and do some things on the album here and there. Our friend Landon Miller, from this band called Engine in Shreveport, helped us. We would have gotten the other guys from Arizona, but that’s not possible.
THREE: Where else are you going on your tour?
Kyle: We’ve been to Austin, TX, where we consider ourselves being from, so we had a really good kick-off party there at Hole in The Wall. From there, we went to New Orleans, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Shreveport, Louisiana; and now we’re here. After this, we have…this is close to a forty-day tour, or, at least, we’ll be on the road for forty days…I think we have thirty-something shows…
MB: Which city are you the most excited to visit?
Kyle: Seattle.
MB: Why is that?
Kyle: Well, we’ve made a lot of friends in Seattle, and it’s always a fun time. I really like that city, and it’s just, you know, a really nice place. We have this really nice place that we stay, with our friend Mike from New Zealand. He always offers up his entire back house to us, so we have this little, fun place. I’m excited about Portland, too, because we’re having this ‘Magic Forest’ show that not a lot of people know about.
MB: What does that mean?
Kyle: We’re supposedly just having this secret show in the middle of the woods. It’s very, you know, on the DL.
MB: It’s good that you mentioned it, then.