Smoke and Feathers

Smoke and Feathers Session - October 2011

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Session Date: July 9, 2011
Posting Date: October 24, 2011
Artist Hometown: Austin, TX
Links: Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter
Recorded by: Michael Briggs

She Sees Gold
Slip Away
Midnight Choir
ONE: How did Smoke and Feather come together?
Josh Terry: I moved here in ’06 from L.A., met Hunter, started playing music, kind of started writing songs with some other guys, and then eventually found these two and started playing shows. It was ’07 when that happened.
Hunter Calahan: ’08. It took a little while for it to finally happen.
Josh Terry: The band name is just using imagery to describe what our sound is. It doesn’t have any super great meaning about it.
TWO: Your musical style has been described as Southern Rock and Psychedelic. What are some of your influences?
Alan Houston: Who wants to go first?
Josh: I like the Rolling Stones a lot.
Hunter: Pink Floyd, Radiohead.
Josh: We listen to so much stuff.
Alan: I got hooked on playing bass from the Chili Peppers.
THREE: You released a self-titled EP on Frenchie Smith Records. How did that come about?
Geoff Guilard: We recorded at the Bubble.
Alan: It was awesome.
Hunter: Last year.
Alan: It was January of ’09. We started working with Frenchie, he had a real good reputation…
Geoff: He came to a couple of our shows and wanted to work with us.
Hunter: It was a really great experience working with him. He’s a fucking great producer. We recorded at the Bubble…I don’t know if you said that, but the Bubble in Austin is where we did it.
Alan: Great studio.
Hunter: Yeah, it’s really cool. It’s kind of small, but it’s awesome.