Dharma Session - June 2011

Dharma Session
Violitionist Sessions

Session Date: May 5, 2011
Posting Date: June 20, 2011
Artist Hometown: Denton, TX
Links: MySpace
Recorded by: Michael Briggs

Home Sweet Hell
The Circle of the Black Thorn
Slave Boy Teach Me Geometry
ONE: Where does the name Dharma come from and how long have you been performing?
Kevyn: I’m Kevyn. I play some keyboards. I started playing in a different band (Peace Corps) and that didn’t really work out, so I started playing by myself. I guess I’m kind of controlling about music, so it’s easier to play by myself. Dharma, the name, comes from the Lost TV show.
BF: I watched all six seasons in a month one summer. Eight hours a day, we would sit there and watch Lost.
Kevyn: Yeah, I did that too. It’s a great show, except for the end.
BF: Yeah, the ending was pretty disappointing.
Kevyn: I thought so, too.
TWO: You released a full length in December on Skrot Up Records in Copenhagen. How did you get involved with them? What was the recording process like?
Kevyn: They emailed me one day. I did a tape for them last…two years ago. After I did the tape, they wanted to do the record.
BF: Did you record at home?
Kevyn: Yeah, I recorded at home, in my bedroom. I was still in Austin when I did it, so I was doing it between classes and at night, whenever I had free time. It’s kind of slapped together, but I like it.
BF: I’ve seen some of your live shows—your attitude is very visceral and aggressive. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to achieve with Dharma? Is it different during recording than it is during a live show?
Kevyn: It’s different. The recordings are much calmer—when I play live…I guess I like attention. I don’t know. Dharma is so different from my normal personality, so when I’m on stage I feel like I can be more aggressive and get into the space of other people. I feel like I can have control when I’m on stage. I like to play loud.
THREE: You’ve been playing music as a resident of both Denton and Austin for a while now. Are there any major differences between the Austin and North Texas music scenes as far as clubs and audiences?
Kevyn: I’m not the best judge of the Austin music scene because I didn’t really go out. I play a lot more here, and in Dallas. When I was in Austin I was really just recording a lot, and now that I’m back here I play more live shows. I didn’t like to go out in Austin because it’s too crowded. I like Denton because it’s small, it’s more comfortable.
MD: What made you decide to move?
Kevyn: I lived in Austin because I went to UT. I came back here because I’m from here.
BF: What’s next? Do you have any plans to tour, or record another album?
Kevyn: I was working on a few new songs, and then I broke my leg, so that kind of put a stop to that. So, I hope to pick it back up soon and maybe do an EP or something. I’ll probably take a break from playing live shows for a while so that I can finish that stuff up over the summer.