Seryn Session - January 2011

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Session Date: January 24, 2011
Artist Hometown: Denton, TX
Label: Spune / Velvet Blue
Links: MySpace, Spune Page, Facebook
Recorded by: Michael Briggs

Beach Song
Of Ded Moroz
If human beings were allowed to enter the realm of angels, if they were allowed the divine privilege of witnessing a chorus of angels singing, that chorus would surely sound like Seryn. The young Denton quintet has worked diligently to perfect their chill-inducing harmonies and multi-instrumental skills.

In this session, Seryn joins us a few weeks before the much-anticipated release of their debut album ‘This Is Where We Are’ (Spune/Velvet Blue) and plays a beautiful three-song set.

This special version of their ‘acoustic set’, similar to how they performed at the famed St David’s Church show with Sarah Jaffe in January of 2010, showcases the beautiful sound that has gained them a large local fan base and praise from publications around the area.
– Jesseca Bagherpour

ONE: How did your sound come together?
We’re just different people that have a bunch of different influences that don’t match each other at all, but for some reason when we play together, we just love what we’re playing and we love what the rest of us are playing and we love playing together. It doesn’t make and sense that our different backgrounds as musicians and different influences and favorite bands would fit together like it does, but for some reason it does.
TWO: What would you say is your favorite type of venue to play in?
Our favorite venue would just be anywhere people are paying attention. Some of our favorite shows are just in a living room with 10 people, but it’s just as exciting to play there as it is with Sarah Jaffe sold out at the Granada. They’re just thrilling on both ends, when people are there to appreciate music.
THREE: You have a brand new record called “This Is Where We Are” that is being released on Spune and Velvet Blue on Jan 25. Should we take the title literally and accept this as sort of a document and reference point of where you were as a band at that time, or is there another meaning behind the it?
It’s both. It’s where we are and where we were. It’s a universal statement that anyone could make at any time. It’s just kind of a self realization.
To sum it up, we were in an FJ Cruiser, the 5 of us driving out in West Texas in the middle of nowhere and we had to walk 100 miles to get gas because we ran out of gas because there was no gas station. And by the side of the road we started playing banjo and guitar and writing some new music and just like, that eureka moment, and you’re surrounded by 4 other really amazing people playing this really awesome music on a highway in West Texas, and it’s just this moment like “this is where we are”.
It’s just about getting stuck in a situation and having to stop for a second and access what’s actually going on and maybe be honest with yourself in the situation and then that’s how you find your way out of either a positive or negative situation into the next situation that you’re going to find yourself in.